About suteXh

SuteXh is an executive management system designed as a server-side implementation of the Sutekh Tap-to-Play card system. It has since been extended to provide a number of game servers and other services to Sutekh members and executives. SuteXh is consistently developed and updated with new features, ideas and tools for everyone in Sutekh.

SuteXh is currently at version , and the development branch is at version .

The icons and images on the main menu page (SuteXh Menu) are derived from the Android Material Icon Collection, as exhibited at design.google.com.
The 'Provided by USU' logo is proterty of the University of Sydney Union, and reflects the fact that the virtual space within which this server sits is provided to Sutekh jointly by the University of Sydney Union and the Information and Communications Technology department (ICT) at the University of Sydney. The development branch is located at https://dev.sutekh.org.au/.

To become a developer for suteXh, please contact one of the lead developers below, either in person at an event, or by email (if they have made their email address available).

All suteXh code is owned by the developer in question, and licensed to Sutekh for non-commercial use under an indefinite agreement. SuteXh and its developers reserve all right to the source code of suteXh, the suteXh server, and the Tap-to-Play system.

Lead Developer:

Website & Server
GSA - Gmod

Simon Koch

2015 - 2016
Wiki page: Xaxis
Email: nomis@tomahfarm.com.au

Lead Developer:

SuteXh AppX

Matthew Watts

2015 - 2016
Wiki page: MWatts24


xStatus serverside
GSA - Don't Starve Together

Helen Munro

2015 - 2016
Wiki page: Peabop

Game Server Admin:


Tristan Anzelark

2015 - 2016
Wiki page: Shwoozar

Game Server Admin:


Ellis Armitage

2015 - 2016
Wiki page: Ellis